Infowars Reporter Get Shut Down By Ballsy Little Girl

For those unfamiliar with Infowars, it is a website that tends to believe and advocate a great deal of lies and propaganda about conspiracy theories (addressing them ALL as if they were real, right down to iea that our entire world is run by shape shifting lizard people, no joke) and overall, they are the Westboro Baptist Church of conspiracy theories, and they like to go around to public events and “raise awareness” for their causes, which really just end up pissing people off.

See below.

And now watch THIS video because I genuinely believe this ballsy little girl is amazing, as she puts this Infowars reporter on blast the minute he approaches her. Think it might have something to do with the fact that he calls a girl who is clearly a girl a boy to start the interview, and from there on, this little girl is on fire and ends the interview on a bang.

More like a flip.

Truth is, if you know anything about Infowars, she was just saying what we ALL are always thinking about them anyway. Ah, the honesty of youth. It’s a beautiful thing, and this girl should be considered a national hero after this.


Remy Carreiro


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