Miley Cyrus Pregnant? Singer Debunks Hoax On Twitter

Miley Cyrus Pregnancy Hoax

Is Miley Cyrus pregnant? The short answer is no. The singer took to her Twitter account earlier today to debunk a recent pregnancy hoax.

The team at Hollywood Life originally reported that Cyrus told friends and other performers at the BET Awards that she was pregnant with rapper Juicy J’s baby. Miley and Juice J have been hanging out a lot since working together on Miley’s new track ’23.’

Talking to CreamBMP during the BET Awards Juicy J revealed: “I assure you she’s been doing a lot more than twerking.”

After Juicy J made that comment Miley Cyrus blurted out “I’m pregnant.”

After waking up to the pregnancy rumor Miley sent out the following tongue-in-cheek tweet:

She followed up her first post by joking about the naming of her alleged baby.

Miley Cyrus has personally shot down the pregnancy rumor and while we would like to think it will end there, that is not typically how the internet rumor mill operates.

David Pikka

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