Miley Cyrus Uses Twitter To Bash Records With ‘Wrecking Ball’

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Miley Cyrus is leveraging her social media power this week, riding the wave of a scandal to the top of web charts with her hit “Wrecking Ball.”

While Miley Cyrus isn’t getting all positive attention lately, the star also knows the power of a mention — or millions of mentions on Twitter. Using her own account, she’s been begging fans to make “Wrecking Ball” a hit — and succeeding.

Yesterday, Miley tweeted:

Earlier today, Cyrus continued to harangue fans to watch “Wrecking Ball,” pushing it up even further in the charts.

miley cyrus naked

She exclaimed:

Later, Cyrus retweeted:

Miley Cyrus’ social media push seems to be working well, as the track has more than 20 million views at press time. Do you think social media is making Miley a star again?

Kim LaCapria

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