Meme Marketing: Should You Use Online Meme Marketing?

If you are a social media user, you will find it quite hard to avoid memes in your life. While scrolling through your timeline and newsfeed; you will find unlimited silly images and probably, some of your friends will even tag you there. This is 21st century; loaded with technology, advancements and of course, memes.


Some people are using memes to have fun with friends online; however, the creative marketing professionals are attracting customers by merging memes into their marketing campaigns. Depending upon who you are, memes hold a unique role in your life.

What is Meme marketing?

Meme was first originated in the year 1976 in a book The Selfish Gene. With time, this Greek term got huge popularity in the market, and people started sharing it online. Today, they have become an essential part of entertainment and marketing industry.

Experts call it a universal language over the internet and today almost all growing businesses are interested in using memes to build audience engagement online. Memes are commonly used by businesses to advertise their products and gain customer attention. Memes make things go viral in the world. Brands have now recognized its potential, and they are now using memes to lead the best impact in the market. Experts say that a meme is not always used for advertisement or brand promotion; sometimes they are used just to use memes to engage the audience in a funny, relevant and clever manner.

For many businesses, it might be a new approach, but professionals keep on finding new ways to involve memes into their marketing blogs. They prefer to create a balanced mixture of memes with engaging content to divert more traffic towards the website. It takes a few minutes to create a new meme, and it has a long way to go with your marketing strategies.

Is there any value in using meme marketing?

There is no doubt to say that memes have the potential to add unique colours to the variety of situations and they are also useful for promoting new ideas in the business world. The most valuable thing to know about meme marketing is that it helps customers to understand the hidden meaning behind sarcastic and funny wordings with ease. Memes are always impactful because they catch attention online. But while creating memes for your marketing campaigns, it is always important to use appropriate tricks otherwise memes even have a potential to turn your brand into a meme itself. Make sure you use memes to build the reputation of your brand in the market.

Should you use online meme marketing?

You cannot find any clear strategy about how to use memes into your marketing strategy. They have a different impact on the different type of niche and brands. The biggest challenge for growing businesses is to find the right type of meme that can make their brand more identifiable online. You need to relate your memes to your business and to the interest of the audience. Experts say that memes have the potential to pitch your business to the world in a light-hearted, funny and appealing manner. Moreover, these memes are sharable on multiple platforms, so your business naturally finds a way to every home. Although social media adopted this trend a few years ago, it has the potential to serve your business for many decades ahead.  The idea is to become little creative and innovative with your memes and let them impress all the age groups in the market.

Among so many positives of memes, there are few negatives as well. The biggest trouble with memes is that when you use them in the wrong way, they can pose great harm to the reputation of your business. There is no doubt to say that with each meme, you are taking some risk; some posts can lead an evergreen impact on the audience whereas others may end up causing huge loss.

How to make memes for online marketing?

There are many online meme makers that you can use to create a meme. Some of them allows you to create image memes only, some of them will leave a watermark logo in the output memes. So, it would be better to use an online meme maker which allows you to create both image, gif and video memes totally free (without watermark).  

Now, I will show you how to make an image/gif/video meme with this online meme generator.


  • Uploading Your Own Image


Filmora meme generator allows you to upload images and videos in 3 ways. You can drop the file to the website directly, or follow the instruction to upload, or paste the image URL or video URL to upload.


If you are uploading an image, this meme creator will ask you to crop the image if you need.


  • Add text to meme


In the pop-up Meme maker editor interface, you can add text to anywhere in the image. You can place the text inside the image or outside the image and then drag its position to anywhere you like. You can also add more text boxes to the image if you want.  

Filmora meme generator also allows you to change the text font and colour as well.


  • Trim video to pick the interesting moment


In case that you are making a video meme and want to use only the most interesting clips of the video you shot, you can use the Video Trimmer option to remove the unwanted parts in the meme maker editor interface.

Just click the Trim Video option and you will be cut videos online for free.


  • Create and download


After adding text and adjusting, you can then click the Create button to create the newly edited memes. Filmora meme maker will then creating the meme automatically. You can then download it to your computer or phone.

Filmora online meme generator can be used on your Windows, Mac as well as on your iPhone, iPad or Android phones. There is a totally free meme creator, and there will be no watermarks or brand names in the made meme. Now, make your own memes and share with friends.


So, by the end of this discussion, we must say that there is not a centralized marketing plan with memes; they have a unique impression in every kind of business. The idea is just to stay informed about the market you are trying to target and pitch the right meme at the right time. While taking risks with memes, you will also gain experience for life. For more information about Meme marketing, check the infographic below.


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