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Targeted traffic for a website is where the rubber meets the road for website owners. Getting those consumers where you want them gives the site a chance to generate revenue and hopefully profits through the sale of goods, advertising and follow-up marketing over email.

Here are some tactics to help drive more traffic to your site.

A Strong Social Media Strategy

A strong social media strategy provides some immediacy and relevance. With topical posts on social channels, interesting photos and video clips shared, it creates a branding that’s impactful. Along with the interest in the brand and what the website/company offers its customers, posting offers to different social channels provides a way to market directly to those social users.

Each social channel garners its own audience, so whilst the viewers and followers of a social account might all be familiar with the brand, their expectations are different depending on the platform being used. Sharing information on a platform to suit that audience, and crafting offers that will appeal to people on that social channel specifically, provides the most potential for increased traffic and sales conversions too.

Getting Your SEO Right with a Little Help

Search engine optimization (SEO) is difficult to do when it’s unfamiliar. There are many aspects to what you have to learn to get everything right and the pace of SEO is so fast that the information becomes quickly outdated too.

To get a diversified, comprehensive link building plan, you should hire an SEO agency that has the required level of experience.

The Guerrilla Agency is one such agency that has a range of monthly plans suitable for the requirements of different websites.

Trendy News to Catch Eager Readers

Just like on our website, you should be publishing some trendy news stories to capture the attention of readers who don’t want anything too heavy to read. There’s a place for different types of content and word count. Some people prefer (or only have time for) a two-minute video and a few hundred words of an article to skim through and not a 20-minute video and a 2,000-word definitive guide.

Offer interesting news stories that are relevant to the audience. It helps them to feel in touch with what’s going on.

Long-form Content for In-depth Analysis and Commentary

Contrasting the trends news content, include longer-form content in written or video format. Provide useful analysis of a news story with the company’s view on it. Don’t just report the latest events. Provide multiple perspectives and food for thought to make it more relevant to your audience. Or, publish a definitive guide that will get natural links because it’s the more detailed and accurate guide on that topic. It makes the website stickier too.

Driving traffic is not something that happens overnight. Some social traffic can start arriving quite quickly once you begin focusing on it. But organic Google traffic takes months, not week or days, so social visitors arrive before searchers do. Plan for that because, that’s just how it is.

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