Meet the Jenga Master [Video]


It was the ultimate Jenga move. Honestly, they better be glad they caught it on camera because it may probably never happen again.

The extremely short video shows the ultimate Jenga power play. With the quick flick of her wrist, this lucky lady knocks out the very bottom block without compromising the rest of the tower. If you have ever played Jenga, you know this is quite a feat.

Although, the video doesn’t show what happens when she places the block on the top of the tower. Per official Jenga rules, once a block is removed, it must be placed on the top of the tower. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the tower crumbled when she did? Regardless, still a pretty awesome party trick.

Don’t you wish she could pay a visit to your next game night?!

The video is gaining popular on reddit, where many users are saying it is a manufactured stunt. Some claim the pieces were glued together to make the move possible. Could it be fake? It is the Internet…

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