Meet Matilda, ‘The Alien Cat’

Alien cat

Some people think cats are creatures from another planet. One cat is proving that may be the truth.

Meet Matilda. Nicknamed ‘the alien cat’, the two-year-old feline appears to be more than just a normal cat. Matilda was rescued as a kitten after living in a hoarding situation. Her new owner says the cat didn’t always look like this. Matilda once had normal cat eyes until suffering some eye issues. The problem caused one eye to dilate to the complete size of the eyeball. Eventually, it would return to normal size. The cat was diagnosed with spontaneous lens luxation, which means the lens had become detached. The condition eventually spread to the both eyes and remains dilated.

Surprisingly, Matilda’s brothers and sisters suffer from the same condition. However, Matilda’s condition continue to worsen. Her eyes are now much larger than any of her siblings. Besides the large eyes, she also suffers from seizures.

The case has left veterinarians scratching their heads. Matilda is nearly blind and her owner says she can only see light and motion. Despite the blindness, her owner says the condition hasn’t affected her sunny personality.

Many have criticized her owner and believe that the animal is in pain. According to Matilda’s vet, the cat is not experiencing any pain.

You can follow Matilda’s adventure and join her 46,000 followers on her website, Instagram and Facebook.

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