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Paging Dr. Mike. This New Jersey doctor is setting Instagram on fire. Grabbing more than 780,000 followers, we see why women around the world suddenly feel sick and need to make a doctor’s appointment. The 25-year-old Russian immigrant is currently in his second year of residency and was first featured on a fashion Instagram account that profiles first-generation Americans living in New York City and their fashions.

But, now Dr. Mike has his own Instagram profile and is using his new popularity to spread a message that is very important to him.

“It’s not a field where you go to work to earn money, it’s a field where you go into work to help another human being,” the 25-year-old, who asked to withhold his born name, told the Daily News.

Well, of course he doesn’t want people to know his real name. He doesn’t want a thousand new stalkers…

But back to his message. The fact that he takes his job so seriously and has such a passion for helping people makes him even more attractive.

“And you have that interpersonal relationship that no other field can have because that person is coming to you and entrusting you with the most important thing: their life,” Dr. Mike continued.

There is so much more to this doctor than his good looks. Arriving in New York from Russia when he was just 6 years old, he admired his father who began medical school at the age of 41. His respect for his father fueled his own passion to become a doctor.

“(My father) always put his family first, any positive aspect from my personality stems directly from him,” said the doctor, who attended schools in both Staten Island and Brooklyn before going to New York Institute of Technology in Long Island.

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