Matt Forte Reacts To NFL Rule Change Via Twitter

Matt Forte Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte took to Twitter on Wednesday to rail against the NFL and its new rule change.

The league voted this week to make it illegal for running backs to lead with their helmets while colliding with defenders.

The rule change takes away a big advantage that physical running backs like Forte have against defensive lines.

Forte admits that he is already stockpiling money so he can pay all the fines he’s likely to receive when the new NFL season begins.

Here are several of Matt Forte’s tweets:

The NFL has been actively attempting to figure out ways in which it can lessen the number of concussions suffered on the field. Medical experts have largely agreed that reducing the most dangerous types of contact, such as helmet to helmet hits is a good start.

Do you agree with Matt Forte’s take on the situation or the NFL’s decision to remove head lowering for running backs?



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