Marvel Released New ‘Human-Sized’ Ant-Man Trailer [Video]

[Photo credit: Allmommywants]

After releasing an ‘ant-sized’ trailer for its upcoming film, Ant-Man, Marvel has finally released the full-sized teaser.

The film is getting a lot of attention, even though Ant-Man is considered one of Marvel’s lesser known characters and story lines. Directed by Peyton Reed (the guy behind The BreakupYes Man and Bring It On), the film stars Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lily and Judy Greer. It seems like there may be some comedic moments, especially Paul Rudd’s scenes. Which makes sense when you realized the director is the mastermind behind many comedic movies and the sketch comedy show, Upright Citizens Brigade.

Twitter was abuzz with the release of the trailer. The comments ranged, from Paul Rudd’s muscles to the plethora of ant-sized references.

The film is set to release on July 7.

Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’ Gets Ant-Sized Teaser Trailer [Video]

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