Marina Shifrin Eyeballing A Comedy Career … But What About Queen Latifah?

marina shifrin gone

Marina Shifrin (you know her as the “I Quit” girl) has finally figured out what career she’s going to leverage a viral video viewed 15 million times into: Comedy!

You’ve already heard Shifrin’s story and you’ve seen the responses and mock-ups to her creative video, but the main question is still “what’s she going to do now?” Though she has been offered a job by Queen Latifah (which she is still mulling) it seems like she will most likely pursue her original Plan B:

“I was gonna become a waitress and try to sell my writing while doing comedy at night,” she said of the job offers rolling in. “So, that’s still an option.”

She has until October 14 to make up her mind about working for Queen Latifah. It sounds like she’s amped about the offer, but reading between the lines, we’re guessing she’ll only take the job if she has to.

“It’s just a great offer and I really really clicked with the staff. I definitely want to work with them; I just want to make sure that that’s the right decision for me right now.”

Shifrin has also earned a fair share of criticism over the video. She told Mashable that she wasn’t trying to do anything other than have a little fun with her resignation.

“My only plan was to just be funny, you know, and entertain people for a little bit. I just want people to know that it was made in good fun and not to diss the company. I’ve heard that some people are beginning to quit their jobs, and I just hope that if they do make that decision, they have a stable plan B. I definitely had a backup plan for when I was quitting.”

Our advice to Marina: Pursue your dream.

Kokou Adzo

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