Marc Benioff Invests In MovieLaLa, A Social Network For Movie Fans

Marc Benioff

Marc Benioff is the multi-billion dollar CEO behind, and today announced he invested in up and coming social network MovieLaLa.

MovieLaLa is all about connecting film fans with one another, providing a way for them to talk about movies while also helping them discover new movies.

Still undergoing testing, the social network is expected to launch within the next month.

From Benioff:

“Movie studios are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to market movies without the analytics and data to know where to target that marketing and to know it’s working. MovieLaLa brings those studios the data they need to make informed decisions. I believe there’re a lot of opportunities in CRM [customer relations management] tools that studios can benefit from.”

Twitter especially can be useful to studios where a special hashtag is now standard for every major release, and it’s even been found to predict crime.

With piracy and an increasing popularity of relatively hidden video streaming sites, Hollywood needs all the knowledge it can get to start making those informed decisions.

Here’s a list of past investors Marc Benioff joins:

  • Machinima Co-Founder/CEO Allen DeBevoise
  • Warner Bros Online President Jim Moloshok
  • Founding Flixster investor Larry Braitman
  • Producer Angie Wang
  • Adam Nash, former executive-in-residence at Greylock Partners
  • Manatt Digital Media Ventures

To date, MovieLaLa has raised $750,000 in seed funding.

Photo credit: World Economic Forum

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