Manteresting Is Pinterest, But Totally Not Gay, Dudebro


Manteresting is like Pinterest, if you haven’t picked up on the homophony, but the former is designed as a no-girls club so dudes can pin pics of tits, and cars, and ties, without anyone questioning their sexuality.

Manteresting takes a relatively well known and extent social service, Pinterest, and makes it man friendly — since apparently men were getting scared away with all the nagging pins about “a real boyfriend” and lamentations about thighs not touching? (We feel you bros, when I see that shit I have to go browse r/gonewild for a few minutes to shake off the feelings of suffocating ennui.)

Unlike Pinterest, Manteresting doesn’t use flimsy little pansy Pins — instead, men using the service can “nail” their items to … something manly, we assume, like a rough strip of leather, or a foosball table, or a poster of Raquel Welch’s boobs in 1975.

Pinterest has long been stigmatized as a chick’s social pinning service, and men are few and far between on the site. So to that end, Manteresting does have a great angle in gender-targeted content pools that increase likelihood male users will be engaged.

If you’ve always liked the idea of Pinterest in theory, but felt like perhaps being male, you don’t need 90 crockpot recipes a day, Manteresting does seem to skew the same stuff but dude-centric. What remains to be seen is if the gender-specific service will prove as addictive to men as it has for women.



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