Man Invades Wild Bear Feeding Area For Selfie, Could Face Criminal Charges

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We may not like the idea, but smartphones actually disconnect us from the physical reality. Oh, they do, no matter how much we deny it, people often would take selfies in front of accident-prone areas or disasters just to brag about it on social media. We are all victims of it, and one tourist in Alaska seems to take the cake. You see, the man put himself in harm’s way just for a mere selfie.

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The incident happened just a few days ago and was even caught on video during a tour in Brooks Falls, Alaska. Everything seemed fine and orderly until one seemingly middle-aged man with a smartphone hatched a brilliant idea for a profile picture. As the tour stopped by the wild bear feeding area, he waded over to them and stopped just a few feet away to snap a selfie. Check out the video below:

Millennials doing something as stupid as that is quite ubiquitous, sadly, but a middle-aged man? Well, now, the guy could be facing charges since what he did was illegal under the laws of Katmai National Park, which is the area they toured. Approaching within 50 yards a bear eating at a concentrated food source is actually prohibited there.

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It seems there are also two others who followed what the man did. As a result, all three of them are facing charges. Right now, the charges are still pending and details are still not released yet but will soon be made public once they have been finalized. Considering what he did, well, he is certainly still lucky to have escaped such folly with only a criminal charge and not a mauled face.

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