Guy Implants Tesla Key In His Hand So He Can Unlock Car With A Wave


A man from Utah has ingrained a key under his skin so he’s able to log onto his computer and unlock his Tesla by waving his hand.

Ben Workman owns cybernetic implants, which are computer chips integrated under the skin that permit you to perform various functions, news outlets say. Reportedly, Workman has four chips in his hands that let him to do several things—unlock the doors at his workplace, log off and on his computer, share contact information and unlock his Tesla.

via WPTV; Ben Workman never has to worry about losing his car key again

But whilst those chips are operational, he too possesses a magnet in his left hand. “It doesn’t have any interesting functionality besides magic tricks and fun stuff,” he spoke to reporters. Workman stated he also plays tricks on folks who aren’t aware of his cybernetic implants., “I play tricks on people who don’t know I have it in my hand. I try and convince them a banana is the key and then I hold a banana up and [the chip] unlocks the door,” he furthered, accordant to reports.

The method of embedding the microchips—which come in syringes—involves someone to situate them below the skin and then “pop the tags out,” Workman explained. However implanting the Tesla key was stickier and consisted of more work, so eventually Workman swayed a piercing studio to assist him. “I figured they would be fine with it, but they took one look at the thing I had in my hands and they said no,” Workman claimed, according to sources.


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