Man Decides To Hitchhike From Seattle to NYC and Lives To Tell About It

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, there were some real concerns around the dangers of hitchhiking. From the threat of being picked up and murdered by strangers to the idea that it is just as unsafe for the driver (because how can you know the type of person you are letting in your car), when you heard the word hitchhiker, it was almost ALWAYS followed by a warning.

But YouTuber Dan Ilic is looking to change that bad reputation by hitchhiking from Seattle to NYC, and pretty much filming the whole thing.

As you will see, he only gets murdered THREE times, which isn’t bad when you consider how much distance he covered.

All kidding aside, obviously he didn’t get murdered at all, and in the process, shows the world (in a time we need it most) that there are still good, decent, altruistic people left on this Earth.

Side note: Please do not look at this video as an encouragement to do the same thing, you could still totally get your head cut off.




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