Abusive Man Hid And Lived Inside Ex-Girlfriend House For Weeks

Photo by Pittsburgh Police Department

Letting go or breaking up with a significant other can be a difficult task especially if you have come to depend on them for your needs be it shelter, money, or other stuff. One man from the US even stayed with his ex-girlfriend for weeks after they broke up, only, she didn’t know that until she found him in her house.

31-year-old Cary Cocuzzi from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania had broken up weeks ago with his unnamed ex-girlfriend. However, that’s the least of Cocuzzi’s problems, as he actually has no home to return to. So he improvised– he hid and stayed in her house, particularly in the attic and this apparently lasted weeks.

Cary’s ninja freeloading escapades did not last long, however. He got spotted by his ex-girlfriend one day while he was sneaking about inside the house. This freaked the woman out and the neighbors heard the commotion, so they promptly called 911.

When the police arrived they found Cocuzzi hiding under some clothes and furniture. His ex-girlfriend alleged that he grabbed her face before she pushed him away and ran outside screaming. In Cocuzzi’s defense, he told the officers that he was homeless and had been sneaking in and out of his ex-girlfriend’s house and staying in the attic for two weeks.

Prior to Cocuzzi being found out, his ex-girlfriend swore that something in her house was amiss. She noticed a few misplaced blankets but what gave it away was the toilet seat being left up– and no one in her houses uses the toilet like that. Regardless, Cocuzzi has been taken into custody under charges of burglary and unlawful restraint.

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