Man Arrested For Groping: ‘President Says Its OK To Grab Women By The’

president says

A man from Florida is facing a federal sexual assault charge after he was suspected of groping a lady on a flight from Texas to New Mexico.

president says
Bruce Michael Alexander, is presently facing a federal sexual assault charge; Photo: Flickr

Accordant to the complaint, the woman was catching some z’s on a Southwest flight and awoke to a man, seated in the row behind her, lifting up her sweater and touching her mammary around her bra line.

The woman presumed the chance event was an accident – however 30 minutes later, she felt the same man grab her right side around her ribs and bra line yet again, and grab her arm.

At that juncture, the woman stood up, revolved around and confronted the touchy-feely man, identified later as Bruce Michael Alexander, and asked him why he assumed it was alright to touch her and ordered that he stop. She then requested a crew member to sit her somewhere else.

president says
Perhaps, Alexander thought the woman was a member of the Mile High club … well he learned (quick) that, she is not; Photo: Movie Clips

When the plane landed, Alexander was placed in police custody. Both Alexander and the victim stated that they were entirely strangers to one another.

After Alexander was placed under arrest, he asked the cops what the sentence was for the charge he was being tacked with. Later, in the cop car, Alexander insisted to officers that the president of the United States “says it’s OK to grab women by their private parts,” says the complaint.

Alexander is being charged with one federal count of abusive sexual contact.

president says
Photo: Reddit


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