Man Filmed 34 Women Showering In His Homestay, Then Posted Vids On Porn Site


A man tapped thirty-four women as they showered in the homestay he operated, then uploaded the footage to a porn site.

Deviant recorded women showering in his homestay; Photo by: Stuff Co

The Hawke’s Bay man, whose name is expurgated, recorded the women between December 2017 and the date of his arrest in February of this year.

Most house guests were females under the age of 30.

They could utilize the shower or kitchen facilities in the abode by arrangement, and the man typically organized the shower times with guests.

Photo by: DidIOffendYou

After structuring the time he would place one or two covert cameras, masked in shampoo bottles, in the bathroom AND shower. He functioned the cameras by remote control.

The bottles were set up to record the guests’ bodies between their knees and shoulders, however faces were often conspicuous when they bent down.

The recordings too captured guests dressing and undressing.

Photo by: World of Buzz

After the guest were done showering he would put the shampoo bottles away.

Then, he would stay up all night collecting the cameras and downloading the videos onto his comp’s hard drive.

He formed a profile on a pornographic website, which depicts itself as “a moral free file host where anything legal is hosted forever” and “where you can meet like-minded individuals”.

The man used covert shampoo bottles similar to this; Photo by Omejo

Three victims guest-appeared on 4 videos in which he characterized the victim by occupation and race and encouraged viewers to leave ‘positive comments’ to incentivize him to make more recordings.

On other videos he went all out by including commentary about the victim’s personal traits, the sexual acts he would like them to execute, and how he had violated their privacy without them being aware of it.

Photo by: Digital Spy

Police recovered 219 recordings of 34 victims on the man’s hard drive. The recordings exhibited all the victims’ breasts, genitals and buttocks.

Police were able to find and contact the victims with the help of a site that advertised the homestay.

When arrested the man told police there was no sexual element to his violative and that he had “done it for the thrill and risk of being caught”.

On Thursday he pleaded guilty to 51 charges of making an intimate visual recording, 7 charges of knowingly distributing an objectionable publication, 7 charges of knowingly making an objectionable publication and 4 charges of publishing an intimate visual recording.

The charges involving offensive publications carry a max sentence of 14 years imprisonment. He posted bail and will be sentenced in October.


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