Man Caught Having Sex with Playground Slide, Gets Banned from Playgrounds

A UK man with an unusual fetish has been banned from going near slides.

There are a lot of unusual fetishes out there. Take the case of Christopher Johnson, for example. He has a fetish for playground equipment. After getting caught simulating a sex act with a slide, Johnson has been banned from going anywhere that has one. Looks like Johnson can never work for Google.

Examiner reports:

“Christopher Johnson, aged 46, of St Osburg’s Road in Stoke, was arrested after simulating a sex act with a slide at Stoke Green Park in Coventry. It’s his second slide-related offence.

At Coventry Magistrates Court he admitted outraging public decency by behaving in an indecent manner and received a three-year Criminal Behaviour Order. The order bans him from attending any location, including parks, leisure centres, swimming baths, lidos or recreation grounds were there is a slide.

Johnson also received a three-year community order, which includes having sex offender treatment for 18 months, and a rehabilitation activity requirement. He was fined £55 and had to pay a £60 victim surcharge, £85 costs and a £180 criminal courts charge.”

UK citizen Christopher Johnson, who has an apparent sexual attraction to playground equipment, has been banned from any place that has a slide after twice engaging in sex acts on a playground. (Courtesy of UK Examiner)

Johnson’s first slide-related offense occurred in July of last year. He climbed to the top of the slide, undressed, and began engaging in a sexual act—to the shock and horror of onlookers.

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