Young Girl And Brother Brutally Beat On Playground, Video Uploaded To YouTube [Watch]


A video uploaded to YouTube shows the brutal beating of a young girl and her even younger brother at an Indianapolis playground. That attack, which some believe to be racial motivated shows a group of black children surrounding the white sister and brother, as one begins to punch and kick the sister. When the little brother, who appears to be 5 or 6, tries to defend his sister, he too is knocked to the ground. Uploaded to YouTube, the video quickly surpassed 100,000 views and has since gone viral.

The video begins with the person operating the camera running up to the group of attackers. The victim is yelling, “What did I do?” When she can get back to her feet, she grabs her brother and tries to get away. The attacker follows her and continues to beat her, she evens attacks the little brother. The girl is sobbing and apologizes as she walks away.

Indianapolis media has picked up the story and authorities has launched an investigation into the attack. The video appeared just days after another incident involving the beating of a white girl at a Brooklyn McDonalds.

Fox59 has reported that police have some leads and are looking into them.

“The graphic video surfaced online on Saturday and someone in the video said the fight takes place at a near east side park. IMPD tell us their forensic computer detectives are looking for reports on the video and they do have a copy.”

Fortunately, the investigation was successful in uncovering the identities of the victims and suspects. Names will not be released because they are minors.

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