Man built 11 speed bumps near home after getting peeved by car noise

speed bumps

One man became so fed up with the noise from automobiles passing by his abode that he erected 11 speed bumps in the adjacent road.

Nor Muhamad Roslam Harun, 40, became “depressed” due to the disturbance so he constructed the speed bumps to slow vehicles down traveling on the street near his house. The speed bumps were fitted along a 131 foot stretch of road. The Besut, Malaysia resident said that the dissonance the vehicles caused interrupted his sleep. The depressive state magnified his other health issues too. Harun was so disquieted that he shelled out $354.83 from his i-Sinar Employees Provident Fund worth $1,642.75.

speed bumps
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Those entitled to the i-Sinar fund include laborers in the formal sector, self-employed persons, and those whose tallied income has been decreased by 30% since March 2020. The 11 bumps in the road, nonetheless, soon became a disruption to motorists. Footage taken by one motorist displayed him gradually navigating the bumps, which made his vehicle startlingly move up and down. Harun admitted that he originally desired to build lower road bumps. Yet, the asphalt reinforced too quickly, resulting in higher and steeper and bumps.

News of the bumps in the road soon went viral on the web, and authorities ultimately approached Harun to instruct him to dislodge the speed bumps. Which at length he did. Harun apologized also for the inconvenience he caused drivers, and “admitted his mistakes.” Since, he has leased a bulldozer to flatten out all the speed bumps, along with the additional two that were originally on the route.


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