Man Arrives Late at Own Wedding, Bride Finds Herself Another Groom


Arriving late for his own wedding proved costly for one groom, as the bride replaced him and got married to another fella from her neighborhood instead.

Rather than showing up at the scheduled time of 2:30 pm, the groom and the baraat arrived at the wedding venue late in the evening, much to the resentment of the bride’s family. Accordant to local reports, distress had already been heightening over the continual irksome pressures being made by the family of the groom, and their tardy arrival proved to be the final straw.

via Dictionary; The bride felt she had no choice but to move on to the next one, marrying her backup love

Police said the pair were wed in the village of Nangal Jat roughly six weeks ago although the woman did not visit her in-laws’ house as both the groom and bride first desired a formal ceremony to be conducted. The bride’s kin accused the groom and his father of pressing them for cash and a bicycle, which they were not able to provide. The groom’s kin, on its part, allege that they were assaulted by the bride’s relatives and held captive in a room on nearing the wedding venue.

Law enforcement was finally phoned in to intervene in the beef. “Both the families approached the police. After initial arguments, both sides reached a compromise. However, the girl no longer wanted to go with the groom. There was no written complaint from either side,” said a police official. The issue was resolved cordially and on Wednesday, the girl married a different youth as village elders stood by as witnesses.


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