Man Arrested Over Automated Google+ Invitation

Man Arrested Google+ Invite

A Massachusetts man claims he was arrested after an automated Google+ invitation was sent from his account to his ex-fiancee, who has a restraining order against him.

The man, Tom Gagnon, was detained after a court ruled the invitation broke the no-contact terms of the restraining order. But the 32-year-old claims he never sent the message to his former lover. Instead, he believes it was sent by the web giant, notes the New York Daily News.

Defense attorney Neil Hourihan argued that the social network operates differently from Facebook. While the latter requires friends to add each other personally, Hourihan claimed that Google+ could send requests to “anyone you’ve ever contacted.”

Salem District Court judge Robert Brennan confessed he didn’t know exactly how the social network operates its notification system. He ordered Gagnon held on $500 bail and promised to look into the matter further. According to Newser, the allegations are plausible, since Google is using some aggressive tactics to get more Google+ users. Still, it could be an “extreme example.”

Gagnon will return to court February 6.



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