Picasa Adds Google+ Auto Backup Feature


Picasa is a popular photo editing app acquired by Google in 2004, and has added the ability to automatically backup photos to a user’s Google+ account.

Called Google+ Auto Backup, it’s a separate program from Picasa, and can therefore be uninstalled without removing the photo editing app itself.

To install the latest feature, simply select “Set up Auto Backup” during the installation or update process.


Once setup, you’ll see the Google+ Photos icon in your taskbar, and you can click on the icon to change settings, see upload progress or to pause syncing.

As before, Google does not count photos 2048 pixels or smaller towards your Google Drive storage, giving you virtually unlimited space to work with.

When selecting which folders to have photos automatically sync, selecting the box next to “Standard size” will upload photos so they don’t count towards your Drive storage limit.


All of your photos remain private unless you share them, and you can search photos on Google+ from the “Photos” page. You can also view your photos on the go thanks to the Google+ Photos app.

Google+ Auto Backup is available now through Picasa on Windows and Mac, and if you want to upload photos in their original size, file size limits have been updated to 50 megabytes or 100 megapixels.

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