Cat Pictures: A Post That’s NOT About Donald Trump!

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Do you ever stop and wonder if all this talk about Trump, even negative, just feeds the man and makes him bigger and bigger to himself? So how about we start your weekend in a different way and NOT talk about that guy for a minute?! Instead, how about cats? How about some good old fashioned cat pics that might actually make you smile as opposed to making you want to throw your laptop across the room into the fireplace?

Yup, sounds like a nice change of pace to me. So here, have some cats.

Like this adorable, itty bitty kitty:


This one is cuteness level 9000!


Intense cat is INTENSE:


And two cats curled together sleeping is twice the squee for the price of one:


Finally, a perfect closing cat, just gazing and thinking about stuff like cats so often do:


So yes, while we may MAINLY be a news site that informs and educates, sometimes we like to take a breath and give our readers the chance to do the same, and this proved my theory:

In our darkest hours we can never go wrong with cats.

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