The Humble Hero America Needs: Nunchaku Dad For President in 2020

Maybe this is someone trolling us. Maybe this is just some guy who is having fun knowing people will think he is trying and failing. Who knows, but I am choosing to believe that “Nunchaku Dad” as he will henceforth be called is the true hero America needs right now. Nunchaku Dad has all the aspects of a true, capeless hero:

He NEVER gives up

He is passionate about what he loves

Little can stop him, as he is SO determined

He is humble and can laugh and his own foibles

He looks like Wilford Brimley

If all those things DON’T tell you that Nunchaku Dad should run for president in 2020, you must be watching a different video from I:

To me, this man is now a national treasure. In our darkest of days he rose up and did what very few people can do in these all-too-serious, modern times of chaos:

He made us laugh.

And God knows, we could all use a good laugh right now because everything else is so damn depressing. Thank you, Nunchaku Dad. You have my vote, without question.


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