Lucky Number 7 – Dark Forces Behind Germany’s World Cup Win?

Germany Lucky number 7

Following Germany’s win over Argentina on Sunday to secure their 4th World Cup title a new footballing myth has been gathering pace across the internet saying that the number seven was a prominent number in nearly all their games and results since the tournament started.

I’m not one to pay any kind of attention to these kind of internet myths and I detest chain emails and similar chain messages on social media but even these numbers below are quite an eye opener:

-G is the 7th letter of alphabet, and GERMANY starts with letter G
-The name GERMANY contains 7 letters
-GERMANY was in group G which is number 7 using number code
-GERMANY ended group stages with 7 points
-GERMANY scored 7 goals in group stages-4 vs Portugal, 2 vs Ghana and 1 vs USA
-GERMANY scored 7 goals against the host Nation ‘Brazil’ in their home soil
-GERMANY will be playing their 7th match of the WorldCup2014 against Argentina today
-And obviously this is the 7th month of the year

-And to wrap it up GERMANY scored the winning and the final goal of the tournament in the 113th minutes(extra time) which means there is only 7 minutes left on the time

The above numbers have so far been spotted in comments on the BBC’s offical Facebook page

Lucky number 7 Germany

On Twitter

and also Yahoo Answers


It does look like there is one person out there who was way ahead of us all in terms of predicting the scores at the World Cup though



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