Lucille Ball Statue Horrifies Fans


They’re not loving this Lucy. Not even one bit.

The residents of of Celeron, New York want a statue of their hometown hero Lucille Ball removed from the area. The unfortunate sculpture has sparked many a harrowing comparison, from Conway Twitty to an extra from The Walking Dead to Steve Buscemi, and the even the mayor Scott Schrecengost has said on record that he doesn’t care for it. It stands on the edge of a park near Chautauqua Lake with vacant eyes that stare deep into the abyss of the soul, and a smile that has sent many a spine a-tingling. It holds a bottle and a spoon harking to her Vitameatavegemin episode of I Love Lucy, but with that look on the statue’s face, Celeron’s residents are betting it’s anything but palatable.

It’s easy to see why.


A Facebook group entitled We Love Lucy! Get Rid of This Statue! is dedicated to getting rid of the statue, and is currently planning to create a kickstarter to gather funds to do something about the statue.

PLEASE READ: I will make some type announcement in the following days about a FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN to create a new…

Posted by We Love Lucy! Get Rid of this Statue on Sunday, April 5, 2015

The group, however, does not wish to ridicule sculptor Dave Poulin. the group organizer said he admires many of the artist’s previous pieces — it’s just that this time, he missed the mark.

Celeron’s residents have nothing but fond wishes for Lucille Ball, who spent many of her early years in this small, quiet town. “Lucille Ball was one of the most talented, beautiful, funny women who ever appeared on television; a pioneer, a giant of television,” the group’s founder expressed to CNN.” My only goal is to have a sculpture of her in Jamestown which does her justice.”

“This statue in Celoron is not fixable. I love my hometown and I Love Lucy. Let’s get a new statue that is a real tribute to her memory as the Comedy Queen of Television.”

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