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Our favorite stars are living the life in more ways than one. They not only grace the red carpet with their presence and turn into visions of elegance and style in their haute couture gowns and suits, but also have all the luck of wearing wonderful wardrobes their stylists have hand-picked for them in their respective TV shows. It’s a sign of the times that we don’t just want to steal the actress’ wardrobe, but that of the character she plays in that one show we love, too. Kudos to the stylists ans shoppers for making us swoon over their fashion sense.

Sure, we’ve now got the convenience of Spylight and other apps that help us shop the screen at the touch of a finger, but what if you could snag their looks for a whole lot less?

If you love shopping with a different flavor of smart, Sears has got you covered with everything you need from jewelry to shoes to dresses, to even that cute grill you’ve been dying to have in your backyard for a barbecue date. (Don’t scoff, an intimate barbecue on the second date sounds like a really cute idea.)  You’ll fall in love with the savings, and have a grand time doing so.


So, which TV show characters would we love to steal their style? Let’s get started:

1) Jesse, New Girl

Zooey1Zooey Deschanel’s Jesse isn’t just the New Girl — she’s the It Girl of many millennial ladies’ dreams of fashion.  The cute dresses, kooky prints, and tangy use of color gives her wardrobe that special mix of Offbeat-Sweet. Moms-to-be can still certainly rock her style; Zooey’s appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show certainly is living proof of that. No need to spend a fortune grabbing her look: a vintage-y A-line dress cinched with a slim belt and cute pumps or ballet flats should do the trick. Oh, and plus points if you have the bangs and mascara to rock.

2) Cookie Lyon, Empire


She is certainly one tough cookie, and has us gagging on her fierce sense of style. Cookie is the fly aunt who’s kinda scary, but whose walk-in closet is just too good an opportunity to play dress up in to not risk her bite. Cookie smoothly blends her 90’s fashion sensibilities with a more modern edge, and she’s not afraid to bring on the prints and textures — leopard prints, marabou, velvet, you name it. Her bling game is so on point, the beauty of it just brings us to tears. Channel your inner sassy Cookie with a sexy animal print top, sharp pants, heels, and tastefully-layered statement jewelry.

3) Kimmy, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


Kimmy! We love Kimmy Schmidt not just for her constant can-do pluckiness, but for her bright-as-sunshine, playful pieces, too. From her sneakers to her bag to her squee-bright jacket and floral shirt and hot pink pants, what’s not to love about this happy cupcake? Kimmy’s got so much living to catch up with, and we’re more than happy to jump in for the ride. Get with her appeal in bright staples and other fun items. (Flora sneakers? flouncy yellow dresses, neon plastic jewelry and braids? Why not?) If flamboyant Titus or Manhattan-sharp Jacqueline is more your thing, go for it!

4) Daenarys Targaryen, Game of Thrones 


With all the lovely and fearsome ladies the series has to offer, Dany is undoubtedly the biggest fan favorite of the bunch. Her journey from Viserys’ hapless sister to Khaleesi to Mother of Dragons and Liberator of the Unsullied has seen her through so much epic transformation, both of her character and her wardrobe. It’s taken her from wispy taupe pieces to rag-tag coarse dessert wear to her iconic blue dresses and jewelry. While it still might be too far off to take dragons with you to your next power meeting (though if you do manage to, you’ll brook no argument with us, promise), you can easily take Dany’s style to your next formal. A flowy teal maxi dress and lazer-cut modern pieces or a delicate arm band would do wonders.

5) Miss Piggy

Looks Rumor has it our beloved zaftig beauty is about to hit primetime TV very soon. And what’s not to love about the darling of The Muppet Show? she’s every inch a fabulous lady, is oozing with confidence and a take-charge attitude, and can deliver a karate chop like no other. Her style has evolved through the decades, and designers such as Zac Posen, Marc Jacobs, Jeremy Scot, Loubotin, Chanel, and Burberry have created pieces for her with the utmost pleasure.  Channel Miss Piggy’s eleganza with dresses and suits in classic silhouettes, pearl necklaces, gemmed rings, and gloves. You can can never go wrong with the gloves. Throw in a feathery boa for added glam; you know you deserve it.




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