Spylight App Lets You Shop For TV Fashion In Real Time


Couch potato fashionistas, something really rad is about to happen to your phones.

Stop me if you’ve heard this: you’re snuggling into your favorite TV show, popcorn bowl in arm, and this really magical dress comes on screen. You’re dying to know exactly how to snag It Girl Jess‘ look, or how to to be as on point as Cookie from Empire. you start to plot and scheme the most daring plan to infiltrate their production site, to either (A) steal the stylists’ little black book, (B) steal the stylist themselves, or (C) steal all the clothes hanging in their changing rooms.

Fret no more, because shopping for your favorite looks live is now at your fingertips — literally. Say hello to Spylight, a nifty new app that lets you “shop the screen” for the best matches. Track down those earrings, those boots, or even that sleek three-piece suit by show, season, episode, character, and more. Movies and Hollywood glamour more your thing? No problem! Spylight has also got you covered with a number of film features, with as varied tastes and looks from 500 Days of Summer, to Kingsman, to the Great Gatsby, to (even, yes) Jurassic Park. (Hey, we thought those dinosaurs were pretty fly.)


Here’s how it works: you just hold your phone up to the TV as the show plays, and its technology syncs with the audio of the show, and it’ll tell you what items are being worn at the time, and where you can shop for them. You can also browse through the items already included on the website and shop for anything from Kimmy Scmidt’s floral dress to Miranda Priestly’s Manolo Blahniks. Or how would you like to go shopping in Cookie Lyon’s closet, or peruse through the fine-crafted art of Hannibal Lecter’s staples?

The Spylight app is free and available on iTunes, so grab yours now!

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