Love It Or Hate It, It’s #NationalCandyCornDay


Some people can’t get enough and others can’t stand it. Candy corn is considered the most popular candy of the season, the unofficial symbol of the fall. So, you can see why social media is celebrating #NationalCandyCornDay.

One day before Halloween is the perfect day to munch on some of the orange and white treats, just make sure to save some for the trick-or-treaters. The candy was created in the 1800’s by George Renninger of Wunderle Candy Company and are supposed to look like the pretty colors of corn kernels — yellow, orange and white. With more than nine million pieces being bought up this year, we can tell there is a very complex love-hate relationship with candy corn…


Maybe this holiday also serves as a reminder that candy corn is only available for a short time each year. So, candy corn addicts must stock up. Perhaps, you stocked up with a few too many bags. There are some great creative recipes you can make with the delicious candy triangles. Candy corn bark, anyone? (Also, check out some great ideas to do with the other kind of leftover Halloween candy.)

As thousand celebrate #NationalCandyCornDay, it seems as if the decades old treat isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, Brach’s candy has introduced new varieties of the fall confection. New flavors consists of peanut butter cup candy corn and fruit cremes candy corn, as well as a mini-version of the original candy corn flavor.

Are you a fan of candy corn?

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