Lil Jon, Lena Dunham Rock The Vote With ‘Turn Out For What’ Video

If Rock The Vote has anything to say about it, the midterm elections on November 4 will have a record number of voters. The organization recently released a parody video of Lil Jon’s “Turn Out For What” to encourage young people to go to the polls this November.

The video turns Lil Jon’s party anthem “Turn Out For What” into a political question. “What are you going to turn out to vote for?”

Lena Dunham is “turning out to vote for reproductive rights” while Lil Jon is “turning out to vote for the legalization of marijuana.” Fred Armisen says that he’s “turning out because I want to impress my friends. That’s the only reason for ever doing anything.”

The video also features appearances from Whoopi Goldberg, Devendra Banhart, Sophia Bush, Darren Criss and several others.

Check out Rock The Vote’s “Turn Out For What” parody below.

Shortly after the video debuted, Lil Jon released a statement saying “the work that Rock the Vote does is incredible. It’s cool for me to collab with such an iconic organization.”

According to NPR, only about 23 percent of young voter (between the ages of 18 and 30) are expected to turn out to vote in the midterm elections this year. Voter turnout during elections year is much higher. In 2008, about 52% of young voters showed up but that number dropped to 45% in 2012.

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