Likebook Transforms Your Facebook Timeline Into An Actual Book

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Are you worried that all of the stuff on your Facebook timeline might vanish without a moment’s notice? If so, then Likebook might be the solution to your social media concerns.

All of the things you’ve shared with friends and family — including pictures, comments, and status updates — will be assembled into a book you can keep on your coffee table. You can choose which dates you’d like to see in print, or, alternatively, you can have the company create a book from an entire year’s worth of posts.

“Users already have several years of their personal life story on Facebook. We provide a way to respond to the basic human need to gather, archive, and share the personal stories that are stored in social networks,” Likebook’s Patrick Osinski said in a recent press release.

If you’re considering transforming your Facebook timeline into physical keepsake, then you might want to start saving your pennies now. The cost depends on how much content you want stuff inside the tome.

The price can run from $12 to around $140, though how much of your digital life you want crammed inside the book is all up to you. The books can be between 25 and 500 in length. Customers can also choose between softcover and hardcover. Naturally, this will also determine how much you pay in the end.

For more information about the product, be sure to swing by the company’s official website. All of the options currently available to you are discussed at-length.

What do you think about Likebook? Would you be willing to pay cold, hard cash to transform your Facebook timeline into a physical book?

Todd Rigney

Todd is a novelist, new media writer and social media enthusiasts. When he isn't busily pouring over information from the web he can be found writing down his own ideas. Todd's most recent work has even been turned into a critically acclaimed independent film. Todd loves cheesy kung fu movies, weird 90's industrial music, and collecting dusty VHS tapes . He's 34, married, and very pale.


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  1. Sounds interesting and a good idea but seems to take too much just to save things like status updates….and like Willie said Copyright issues? You know that FB wants any money for their crap.