Life According to Neat Freaks, In Tweets

Nothing brings a neat freak more peace and satisfaction than achieving a spotless, immaculate household, a space so clean you can (quite literally) eat off the floor. Of course, Life sometimes just isn’t fair, and will at some point or another set off this impeccable order, and set the neat freak’s nerves on edge.

As a neat freak, you can choose to keep your perturbed emotions bottled up, only to release the kraken on some poor, clueless soul who just so happened to leave their pillows unfluffed or the toilet seat up — or you can can always let it all out on Twitter with other neat freaks across the planet.

Sometimes you just can’t help it; it’s a knee-jerk reaction.

And sometimes, you just DGAF.

When you’re stuck in a loud, crowded party space, the thought of cleaning is just so soothing.


Scan. Shred. Sigh. Rinse, repeat.

Gonna party like it’s Spring cleaning Time.

Because peasants will never understand the superior comfort of double-ironed sheets.

And there’s nothing more satisfying than organized chromatic order. Aaaah.


and there will be times when you feel like you’re the only adult in your household, and it’s a mighty, ighty need to establish balance in this tiny cosmos called Your Dorm.

And seeing your influence rub off on the wee ones? Aaaah, yes, they are indeed your offspring. Good.


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