LeVar Burton Raises $2.5m For Reading Rainbow Reboot….In One Day


LeVar Burton has raised a staggering $2.5 million to bring Reading Rainbow back….in one day.

As we reported May 28, Burton launched a Kickstarter campaign to reboot the seminal 80s-90s kids television show via the internet, and was looking to raise $1 million to do so.

At the launch of the campaign, Burton said:

When Reading Rainbow began in 1983, we were using television to bring books to kids, meeting them where they wanted to be. In 2014, TV is not that place anymore. Now, we’re trying to reach a new generation of digital natives … Not all families have access to tablets. Our goal is to cultivate a love of reading in all children, not just those that have tablets. To kids everywhere, we need to be everywhere: We need to be on the web.

Proving that perhaps there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the figure as this story is being written just broke $2.6 million…and continues to climb.

Reading Rainbow originally aired on PBS from June 6, 1983, until November 10, 2006, and encouraged reading by children.

Burton, who was the only host in the shows 23 years, may be better know for his role of Georgi La Forge on Star Trek TNG.




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