Amazon Prime To Offer Music Streaming, But Only 6+ Mth Old Songs

Amazon is said to be expanding its Prime offering into music streaming, but only with songs that are at least 6 months old.

The new service is said to be launching in June or July and while potentially having an extensive catalog of music, won’t offer any of the latest hits.

BuzzFeed broke the story, saying that “the Prime music service (the official name of which is still unknown) won’t aspire to the full universe of existing content, instead offering a potluck of select songs and albums it has licensed from labels at a discount.”

The service will be an added free bonus for Amazon Prime users, vs any stand alone or additional add on.

The popular Amazon Prime has over 20 million subscribers paying for free shipping, on demand video streaming, and a range of other services.

While the announcement won’t exactly shake up the ever more popular streaming music market, it will give potential Prime subscribers another reason to hand over their $99 a year to Seattle, Washington based e-commerce giant.



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