#LetItGoat Is The New Flappy Birds?

Let it goat new flappy birds

Since Flappy Birds went viral earlier this year before being eventually pulled by creator Dong Nguyen everyone from mobile users to app & game companies have been looking for the next Flappy Birds, the next so simple game it will make you go ‘Why didn’t I think of that?!’.

It looks like we may now have that game that, and it’s not the game that we want but the one that we deserve.

‘Let It Goat’ was released on June 29th and has already shot into the top 10 charts for free apps for iOS and Android devices. The game was developed by by two high school interns at the company who are already Vine celebrities Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson otherwise known as ‘Jack and Jack’ who together have over a million followers on Vine and Let It Goat heavily promotes their songs on iTunes in the game.

The game is being distributed by SkyVu Entertainment and their CEO Ben Vu says that the simple approach and the input from high-school interns is what will make this game a hit.

“This year we decided to invite some high school interns to help out with some SkyLab projects and Let it Goat was one of them,” Vu said. “A simple endless 8-bit runner game that the team could produce in approximately 8 weeks. The young interns brought an incredible amount of new ideas for the game and through our collaborative process we came up with a very catchy but simple story.”

I have been playing the game for the last hr or so, personally I quite enjoyed it and I’m not a big fan of casual games like this so that’s saying something, there’s a lot more elements in the game than there were with Flappy Birds and overall the game feels a lot more like a traditional 8-bit plat-former from the good old NES days, the music will most likely drive you insane though as it has been with others already along with the ridiculous difficulty curve!

You can check out the game in action below

Already the hashtag #letitgoat is picking up pace.The first Tweet for the game was by user@BoCai10 Tweeted with the hashtag #LetItGoat (the account seems pretty inactive though), a day later the hashtag had been used almost 30,000 times.

You can expect this game to be getitng plenty of mentions over the next few weeks and months…



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