LeBron James Rocks Pharrell’s Goofy Big Hat In Locker Room

LeBron James wowed reporters with a big goody hat on Friday

LeBron James lightened the mood in the Heat’s locker room after losing to the Timberwolves by wearing a big goofy hat similar to pop star Pharrell’s.

The Heat lost to Minnesota 122-121 Friday night in double overtime. The win put the Timberwolves one game over .500 for the season. James scored a massive 34 points, but his performance wasn’t enough to lift Miami.

Reporters swarmed James after the game to get his insight into what went wrong. They probably weren’t expecting him to look like a cartoon character.

LeBron James didn’t think his hat was a joke, posting this picture to Instagram after the game.

James may have thought he looked good, but his fans weren’t as enthusiastic.



I guess you really can’t win them all, even if you are LeBron James.

Of course, when your team is 52-23 on the season and you have the second best record in the East you’re winning the important battle.

The Heat are looking to win their third straight NBA Championship this season. The team is sure to make the playoffs, but losses like the one Friday night show that team is vulnerable.

Whether LeBron James keeps his silly hat the rest of the season or not, it sure left an impression. Let’s be real, it’s not easy finding an oversized hat when you’re pretty gigantic to begin with.

[Photo Credit: Keith Allison]

Scott Croker

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