NYC Dunkin Donuts Shuts Down After Rat Videos Goes Viral

New York Dunkin Donuts

After a Youtuber posted videos of a late night rat feast at a New York City Dunkin Donuts, the health department has shut down the fast food bakery just a day later.

Four YouTube were posted by “pjayone” showing a rat crawling among Donuts and croissants meant for customers, getting stuck in the blinds and crawling all over the floor. At press time the most popular video has over 354,000 views.

That video focuses on the rats’ adventures in the store’s stock just before the store opened in the morning. The YouTuber has been quoted as saying it is a regular occurrence at that Dunkin Donuts. For anyone living in or visiting New York City, the store in question is located at 37th street and 8th Avenue, in the Garmnet district.

The Dunkin Donuts was shut down after the health department investigated the restaurant the next day. It was cited for having a rat infestation, not following proper hand washing procedures and not properly protecting food from contamination.

Some think the store should have been shut down previously, it had been cited for a rodent problem back in November of 2013, but it still had an “A” rating by the health department, as seen in the videos.

Apparently, rats are okay if they aren’t filmed.

[Photo Credit: pjayone]



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