OMG: Lady’s Dirty ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Mistake Gasps Audience [Video]


Melanie Sinany was a letter away from making a monumental solve on Wheel of Fortune.

Rather, in less than seven days she has become famed as one of the game show’s worst contestants ever.

Not only was her guess incorrect, it too left millions of Wheel Watchers wondering, “Can you even say that on TV?”

Photo: NBC

Sinany’s turn came to guess on a puzzle in the Same Name category, which boasts some slippery wordplay.

For most spinners, the 1-letter-away puzzle, ‘BRIDAL & _OLD SHOWER’, would have been a slam dunk (BRIDAL & COLD SHOWER) — However.. Sinany evidently had another sort of game on her brain when she made her dubious guess: “Bridal & GOLD Shower.”

Uh, hmm; Photo: Twitter

Now, Pat Sajak has heard some doozies in his day—though, the dirty response left him type inarticulate, expressing a terse “sorry” before he sheepishly breezed along to contestants without their minds in the gutter.

Oh, and for the unacquainted … Sinany was citing a private, unhygienic adult act that’s certainly not fit for a G-rated show like the Wheel!

The protracted host later said to Sinany “It happens!” and genuinely, she’s not the first contestant to make an unwholesome error on America’s beloved game show.

See what we mean!

While those dirty replies will be viewed over and over by Wheel buffs, it’s downright wrenching to revisit Julian Batt’s infamously lousy performance on the show.

Ouch. Not mortifying enough? Okay, here.


Pat Sajak Walks Off ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Set After Stupid Answer [Video]

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