Kitten Therapy is a Thing and It’s Helping Random People on the Street Relieve Some Stress

It often seems like we’re all too stressed out these days, doesn’t it? Why are we so busy, tired? Life is full of work, meetings, and responsibilities? All that can add up to a lot of extra anxiety and stress. What’s an overworked, super stressed and frazzled guy/gal to do in the modern age of smartphones, Google Calendar, and Starbucks? What do you turn to when all that technology overload’s got you down?

Well, the good folks at Soul Pancake have a pretty creative and adorable solution for those of us not allergic to cats or kittens.

See the video above for what happens when random people on the street are introduced to a box full of kittens and cats. (Spoiler: Their stress goes bye-bye rather quickly).

Soul Pancake aren’t just great at relieving stress. They’re also great at viral marketing. Their latest purr-fect effort has already amassed over 3.6 million views since first being posted on November 11th.

And there’s strong buzz on Twitter about their new form of stress therapy:

Even well-known indie game developer Erin Robinson is giving Soul Pancake a shout for their great, stress-relieving idea:

Robinson can be seen on Twitter remarking on how her experience with Soul Pancake was enough to make Taylor Swift — whom she gives a Twitter shoutout — jealous.

You can follow the latest Soul Pancake developments and get updates on when they’re releasing their newest videos at their Twitter handle, [Tweet “@SoulPancake”].



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