Kindergartener Packs Own Lunch, Brings A Beer To School

Beer can

It must have been a hard day on the playground for one youngster. Tasked with packing his own lunch, the kindergartener grabbed a beer from the fridge for his lunch beverage.

Once at school, the can of Coors Light happened to fall out of the student’s bag during the beginning of the school day. A parent happened to notice and grabbed the can. The teacher quickly confiscated it and contacted the assistant principal. The student’s parents were then contacted, who of course were shocked. Of course they were, it means they have one less beer to drink when they get home. Plus, what parents make their five-year-old make his own lunch?

Parents of other students at Lisa J. Mails Elementary School in Murrieta were shocked as one mother remarked what could of possible happened if the student had not dropped the can? Just one can of beer could probably get a lot of kindergarten students buzzed. That would be one interesting arts and crafts session.

Beer at school
[Photo credit: FRANK BELLINO, The Press Enterprise]

So, was this kid a bad egg or did he make an honest mistake? The kindergartener says he thought he was packing a Coca-cola, when he grabbed the can out of the fridge.

Note to parents, if your kid packs his own lunch, do a quick look in the bag. Who knows what could be in there.

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