‘Billie Jean’ By Michael Jackson Played On Beer Bottles [Video]

Bottle Boys

One day, five guys from Denmark woke up and all collectively decided to remake Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” using only beer bottles.. and nailed it.

Known as the Bottle Boys, they are remixing, remaking, and bottle blowing their way to stardom. The BB version of “Party Rock Anthem” made its way to iTunes and now “Billie Jean” is trending on Facebook. Every last Monday of the month they release a new video, called Bottle Monday.

The Denmark Bottle Boys say dentists don’t recommend this, but who cares what dentists say. Bottle on, friends.

There isn’t a better way to get ready for summer and time in the pool than this video from the Bottle Boys ‘bottling’ Disney’s “Under The Sea.”

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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