Kid Holds ‘Send Bitcoin’ Sign On ESPN, Makes Over $24K

Send Bitcoin Sign

A college kid held up a “send Bitcoin” sign on ESPN on Saturday, and promptly made over $24k. The student, identified only on Reddit as BitcoinPitcher2, held up a sign that read “Hi Mom, send” followed by the Bitcoin symbol and a QR code, though he wasn’t even sure the code would be scannable.

He also didn’t expect anything in return, believing someone may send him some as a gag, but nothing more. What a surprise. Cryptojunky notes that the student already received over 22 Bitcoin. Transactions began with small increments, but the Bitcoin address soon saw transactions as high as 5 Bitcoin from unknown addresses. Considering the current exchange rate is about $1,000 USD to 1 Bitcoin, the account quickly made BitcoinPitcher2 more money than he ever expected to receive.

The frequent Redditor offered to donate a majority of the Bitcoin early on, saying that the charitable group Sean’s Outpost will get the majority of it. The Outpost is a homeless shelter and outreach group in Pensacola, Florida, that is mostly supported through Bitcoin donations.

In several posts on Reddit, the student noted that he had no idea his idea would take off, partially because of the QR code and also because of how far away he was from the cameras. He also added that he plans to send his donation to Sean’s Outpost on Tuesday “when I get my breath back!!!!”



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