KFC Introduces World’s First Edible Coffee Cup To The UK

[Photo credit: Mirror]

Attention caffeine addicts, now you can have your coffee and eat it too!? Fast food restaurant, KFC has introduced an edible coffee cup. Unfortunately, the product was only launched in the UK, so American counterparts will have to wait to chomp down on a cup of Joe.

The unique coffee cup is made of a special type of heat-resistant white chocolate. Dubbed the “Scoffee” cup, the container is made of a special type of biscuit wrapped in sugar paper and coated with a layer of chocolate, which keeps the liquid hot and the cookie crispy.

The cups are not only edible, but infused with mood-lifting scents. The idea was a collaboration between KFC and the renowned food scientists at the Robin Collective.

The UK Mirror spoke to Brandy Wright of The Robin Collective and she said: “Not only do the edible cups taste amazing, but they smell delicious too. We’ve infused different cups with a variety of ambient aromas including Coconut Sun Cream, Freshly Cut Grass and Wild Flowers.”

[Photo credit: Mirror]

Jocelyn Bynoe, at KFC, said: “We have been experimenting with edible packaging to see if it could be a feasible product to bring to market in limited quantities and thought that if our customers occasionally like to have their cake and eat it, why wouldn’t they want have their cup and eat it instead!”

The coffee cup invention coincides with the introduction of KFC’s new Seattle’s Best Coffee blend with 100 percent Arabica beans.

Unfortunately, the cups are not yet available in restaurants.

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