KFC Is Testing Some Kind Of Donut And Chicken Sandwich


Chicken guru KFC announced that it has began testing a truly startling new menu item: the KFC Fried Chicken and Donut Sandwich.

via Bustle; Donuts and chicken? Eyebrow raiser yet, doesn’t appear to be a bad notion

That’s right – a crispy filet of fried chicken sown inside a “bun” consisted of two glazed donuts. Ab initio, the marketing test for this latest product will be limited to Pittsburgh, Norfolk and Richmond, Virginia. If all goes dandy, or on path, then it’s pretty possible that this sugar-laden confection will land on the fast-food chain’s nationwide menu. Accordant to a KFC press release: “Consumers are increasingly seeking novel, crave-able flavor combinations that give them the best of both sweet and savory worlds to create a unique taste experience. Through this test market, KFC is evaluating consumer appetite for bringing this growing food trend to its customers on a national scale.”

KFC is no alien to pushing the envelope in regards to launching new products. Only a month ago, KFC did the inconceivable–testing in one of its Atlanta stores two new plant-based, fried vegan”chicken” products: boneless wing and nuggets. The test was so successful, that in less than five hours the Atlanta-based store sold out of its Beyond Fried Chicken. Thus, while KFC has turned up the gas on the chicken sandwich battle–and it hasn’t yet provided an item that would qualify it for an admission in National Cheeseburger Day–it persists to reinvent its menu in a lot of engrossing new turns.


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