Justin Bieber Gay? Bisexual Kiss Photo With Austin Mahone Was A Hoax

Is Justin Bieber gay? Are the pop star’s days of bedding Columbia hookers over? Rumors circulated over the weekend about the pop singer’s sexuality after a fake photo was sent out on twitter showing Bieber and fellow singer Austin Mahone kissing.

The photo was posted on the website Huzlers in an article titled “Justin Bieber Admits To Being Bi-Sexual And Is Caught Making Out With New Boyfriend Austin Mahone.”

The article includes a fake tweet from Bieber that reads: “Meet my new boyfriend. I’m bi. So What? Fuck what anyone thinks.”


Of course, the tweet was a fake.

The first hint should have been the giant Huzlers.com logo embedded over the photo. The second hint should have come when the tweet didn’t show up on Justin’s actual account. The story was an obvious fake but that didn’t stop the Justin Bieber gay rumors.

Bieber hasn’t responded to the rumors yet and hopefully he keeps his mouth shut. There’s no reason for him to respond to such ludicrous and blatant lies. Besides, he has his army of Beliebers to fight his battles for him.




So where did Huzlers get the photo? Well, it looks like the weebsite took a photo of Austin and Justin giving one of their female fans a kiss and then photoshopped the woman out of the photo. Here’s the original image.


This isn’t the first kissing hoax to be debunked today. A photo of Lana Del Rey kissing Jennifer Lawrence went viral this morning. Of course, it turns out that the woman in the photo wasn’t JLaw. It was Del Rey’s sister Chuck.

photo credit: NRK P3 via photopin cc

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