Prostitute Tati Neves: Justin Bieber Paid Me $10,000 For Sex In Brazil [Hoax Alert]

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Justin Bieber has millions of female fans but sometimes the singer just wants a good ol’ fashion prostitute. A video popped up online this week that allegedly shows the singer after a one-night stand with a hooker in Brazil.

Most of the reports about the video are based purely on speculation. There’s no proof that the girl is a prostitute. There’s no proof that she slept with Justin Bieber. The video shows the singer sleeping and a young girl walking around his bed.

That’s it. But “Justin Bieber Sleeps With His Eyes Closed” isn’t a really entertaining title.

There may not be any hard proof that the Biebs paid for a one-night stand in Brazil but Tati Neves is claiming that she slept with the singer.

Neves, who recently added “I just experienced the Bieberconda” to her Facebook profile, uploaded the video to her page last night. She’s also added a few details about her sexual experience with the pop singer.

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But let’s not throw Justin under the bus just yet. There are a few things that just don’t add up.

For one, Tati Neves’ Facebook account was created yesterday with the sole purpose of sharing the video. That screams scam. Second, the video and the Facebook posts don’t give any real proof that Bieber hired a prostitute. There’s no context. This girl could be Bieber’s new girlfriend. She could have just snuck into Bieber’s room. She could be on Jimmy Kimmel’s prank staff.

Right now, all we know is that some girl filmed Justin Bieber sleeping. Was she a prostitute? Did Tati Neves really accept $10,000 from the pop singer? It’s too early to tell but I would keep on eye on the Jimmy Kimmel show just in case.

Bieber has reportedly denied that the girl in the video is a hooker. According to Splash News, Bieber rented a house in Brazil and had a party this weekend. The woman was just a party guest who decided to sneak into the singer’s bedroom and take a video.

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