Julie Bowen Loses Bet, Jimmy Kimmel Takes Over Twitter Account

julie bowen

Julie Bowen was on Jimmy Kimmel last night to talk about Modern Family, her kids, and the Golden Globes but the actress also made a little wager with the late night host. Bowen lost the bet and now Kimmel is running wild with her Twitter account.

Bowen and Kimmel bet the use of their Twitter accounts on a race around the building. Kimmel may look short, slow and kind of fat but the talk show host can really move. Kimmel beat Bowen around the building and is now sending Tweets out as Julie Bowen.

Here’s a video of Julie Bowen and Jimmy Kimmel racing for Twitter control.

Kimmel will be controlling Bowen’s Twitter account for the next few hours. He’s been posting pretty frequently so make sure to follow @itsJulieBowen.



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